Clinical Staff - About CellBank

CellBank is funded by Bloodwise and was founded in 2004 to facilitate the use of leftover diagnostic samples from children recruited to the national trial ALL 2003 for research. CellBank samples are processed and stored at a central, state of the art facility – UK Biocentre. The involvement of UK Biocentre in the banking process has provided the opportunity for children diagnosed with leukaemia and not recruited to a clinical trial to have samples banked for research purposes.

Full instructions on the recruitment process can be found here.

If you require further recruitment packs, these can be ordered from here.

Along with banking the excess samples sent directly to the MRD laboratory, we also request additional samples specifically for banking which can be sent directly to UK Biocentre. These include bone marrow, peripheral blood and CSF where it is available (we provide sample collection packs with everything you need). Samples sent directly to UK Biocentre may also be processed and stored for trial sub studies, for example plasma from peripheral blood samples is used for the Asparaginase arm of ALL2011 (where consent has been given).

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