Clinical Staff - Recruitment Instructions

When a child comes to clinic for diagnostic tests for leukaemia we would be very grateful if you would discuss the issue of donating samples for banking for research using the information leaflets provided and take consent from the parents/guardians and the child using the CellBank consent form when a child has samples taken for diagnostic tests. We have provided a variety of information leaflets aimed at different age groups – please use the most appropriate one.

Consent should be taken by staff trained in taking consent and who have also read the background information about CellBank. Under the Human Tissue Act 2004, children and young people who are “competent” may consent to storage and use of tissue for research, regardless of their age. A parent may give consent if this is what the child prefers or if there is doubt about whether the child understands enough to give consent. In most cases you will ask parents of children below the age of 18 to consent as well as asking children and young people themselves (if “competent”) to consent. Once consent has been given, please place the consent form in the patient’s notes and tick the CellBank box on the MRD Request Form and tick and sign the consent box on the CellBank Sample Information Sheet.

All the activities of the CellBank have been given full ethical approval.

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