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Sending samples to CellBank - Aplastic anaemia

The samples requested for patients with aplastic anaemia are bone marrow and peripheral blood at diagnosis. CSF will not be collected from these patients. Please ensure that you mark the CellBank Sample Information Sheet to inform us that the samples are from an AA patient. 

Samples to send - diagnosis only:

Bone marrow - 3-5ml in yellow-topped ACD tube

Peripheral blood - 10ml in purple topped EDTA tubes

When sending samples, please use the sample packs provided by CellBank:

  1. affix duplicate barcodes to tubes and sample information sheet
  2. complete sample information sheet as fully as possible
  3. place tubes and information sheet in the provided SafeBox and post on the day of samples being collected
  4. samples taken on Friday or late Thursday should be sent by courier only and not posted - contact UK Biocentre directly on 07528963419 and leave a message to make arrangements
CellBank pack items to include

We also ask that you complete an Aplastic Anaemia Registry Diagnostic Form.  These are available on the aplastic anaemia documents & downloads page and are also in the pack that have been sent out. These forms can be sent to UK Biocentre with the samples and sample information sheets or can be sent directly to CellBank at the address below or by e-mail (

CellBank, ECSG, Area 3 Seebohm Rowntree Building, Department of Health Sciences, University of York, YO10 5DD

You will be contacted after diagnosis and requested to complete a follow-up data collection form. Payment will be made for providing samples and registry forms.