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About CellBank

CellBank is a national collection of samples donated by children and young adults with a haematological malignancy and is open to all patients with these conditions, whether they are taking part in a clinical trial or not.  It is a valuable resource for UK-based researchers into haematological disorders, including rare conditions.

CellBank has been granted ethical approval for collection of additional samples for banking as well as for collection leftover diagnostic samples.  Where consent has been given, we ask clinical teams to send samples of peripheral blood and bone marrow (3-5 ml) or cerebrospinal fluid (0.5 ml) at all clinical time points.  Detailed recruitment and sample collection instructions can be found on our Recruitment Instructions page.

CellBank also collects samples and data from children and young adults with aplastic anaemia and other bone marrow failure disorders. For these patients there are slightly different sample requirements, specific patient information leaflets, a specific consent form and additional data collection forms. 

Cellbank is now merging with the CCLG Tissue Bank, to include biological samples from children with solid tumours. Together we are creating the UK's leading resource dedicated to storing samples and data of cancers affecting children and young people, called VIVO Biobank.