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Sending samples to CellBank

Additional samples are requested from all patients with a paediatric haematological malignancy at the following time points:

  • diagnosis
  • end of induction therapy
  • end of consolidation therapy
  • end of treatment

The following samples are requested:

  • bone marrow 3-5ml in yellow-capped ACD tube
  • peripheral blood 3-5ml in purple-capped EDTA tube
  • CSF 10 drops (if available) in blue-capped tube

When sending samples, please use the sample packs provided by CellBank:

  1. affix duplicate barcodes to tubes and sample information sheet
  2. complete sample information sheet as fully as possible
  3. place tubes and information sheet in the provided SafeBox and post on the day of samples being collected
  4. samples taken on Friday or late Thursday should be sent by courier only and not posted - contact UK Biocentre directly on 07500027642 and leave a message to make arrangements
Description of the image
Description of the image

Diagnostic samples (taken according to UK guidelines, below) should be sent via the usual routes and take precedence over samples for CellBank.

For the CellBank genomics substudy, bone marrow should be sent to CellBank at diagnosis for patients consented for this study whether or not they are consented for banking.  If consent for banking has not been given, these samples will only be used for this substudy and will not be used for research.


UK guidelines for sampling

The principle behind these guidelines is that all essential diagnostic samples are taken from the first pass of the bone marrow needle, a second needle pass  into the bone is then made through the same skin incision at a different angle.  This is to avoid sending ever more dilute samples for MRD and banking.

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)

First pass (sample requirements as per local practice)

  1. Morphology
  2. Flow cytometry*
  3. Cytogenetics

Second pass (in order of priority)

  1. MRD - 5ml ACD
  2. CellBank - 5ml ACD**
  3. Local studies (if applicable)

Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

First pass (sample requirements as per local practice)

  1. Morphology
  2. Flow cytometry
  3. Cytogenetics/ molecular markers

Second pass (in order of priority)

  • CellBank - 5ml ACD
  • Local studies (if applicable)


*If patient consented and study open locally, flow cytometry sample for ALL will be used for UKALL2011 add-on flow MRD study
**If patient consented to UKALL2011, CellBank sample will be used in part for add-on studies, including genomics